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Cyber threats are everywhere and your company could fall victim to an attack

Blockbit has created the Cybersecurity Survival Guide, a comprehensive whitepaper with guidelines that will help your business build security policies and procedures to protect networks, users and information.

You will see the following topics:

  • What are the effects of a security incident?
  • Why does security policy matter?
  • How to prevent risks?
  • How to respond to a potential event?
  • What products can help you address different cyber threats?

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Some numbers you need to know

$11.7 millions

is the average annual cost of cybersecurity (global increase of 22.7%)

23 days

is the average time to resolve a ransomware attack

50 days

is the average time to resolve an internal threat related to employees, partners, third parties, etc.

$2.4 millions

is the average is the average annual cost of malware attacks (the most costly type for businesses)

130 violations

successful by company. This average has increased by 27% with each passing year.


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